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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Season 1

At the suggestion of one of our community members, we have created a directory of quotes and inspirations from each of our sequences. If you remember a quote, but forget which practice you heard it in, turn to this guide to find it quickly. You will also find links to gain more information about each sequence.

Namaste's charter season was voice and scripted entirely by Master Teacher, Kate Potter. As fans raved about the discoveries gained from the spark of her words, more quotes and inspirations were added to subsequent seasons. Our hope is that you enjoy a "tiny awakening" with every sequence.

Exalted Warrior

"To take on one challenge today, one small challenge, one tiny awakening... What would that be?" ~ Kate Potter 

Sun Moon

"Remembering our perfection, just as we are, and still room for improvement."

"To trust in ourselves, to know we can change for the better." ~ Kate Potter


"Remembering every obstacle you meet in life can be seen as a block, or an opportunity." ~ Kate Potter

Gate Opening

"As if to vow to ourselves, to become ourselves, again and again." ~ Kate Potter

Dancing Sun

"As if to say 'I'm ready now,' and the readiness is what matters." ~ Kate Potter

Half Moon

"Gathering the mind and the heart to feel the depth of our lives." ~ Kate Potter


"Bowing to the teaching that lies deep within our hearts. The teaching is forgiveness, and forgiveness starts with ourselves." ~ Kate Potter

Lotus Link

"To meet yourself face-to-face, without expectation. Such freedom can exist." ~ Kate Potter

Water Light

"To cultivate in ourselves the deepest respect for life in all its forms." ~ Kate Potter

Revolved Triangle

"Namaste - a greeting which reminds us that our highest potential lies in the realm of no ego. Let us meet in that place." ~ Kate Potter

Head to Knee

"To learn how to be more gentle, more open, more honest." ~ Kate Potter


"Let us meet in a space with no fences, endless sky, boundless potential, opening from the heart." ~ Kate Potter

Riding the Wind

"As if to give up competing with yourself and simply see the honesty in your effort." ~ Kate Potter

Do you have a favorite inspiration from Season One? Let us know in the comments below.



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