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Cocos~Pure® Powers #NamasteS3 and 4 Through Production


Spending entire days shooting yoga sequences can be taxing even on the fittest yoga instructor! When it came to maintaining energy and hydration, the cast and crew of Namaste Yoga turned to Cocos~Pure® for high-quality hydration. Cocos~Pure® is a natural hydration beverage that contains no added sugar or preservatives. Coconut water with a conscience, Cocos~Pure® is gluten-free, electrolyte-rich and anti-oxidant.

"I most enjoyed Cocos~Pure® on a particularly hot day at Jericho Beach, after filming in a cabana we had built." recalls #NamasteS3 Instructor, Amanda Riches. Amanda said that while the cabana looked beautiful on camera, reflectors were beaming sunlight directly into the eyes of the cast members. In addition to bright light, intense heat was created. Off-camera, shade and hydration were welcome friends.

cocos pure

"When I was done, I got a Cocos~Pure® from the fridge in our trailer, and sat down in the shade with Emily and Aili," Amanda shares. "It was sooooo refreshing." Thank you, Cocos~Pure®, for powering our passion for yoga. For more information about Cocos~Pure®, visit www.cocospure.com.



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