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#NamasteS3 Yoginis Revealed: Meet Michelle Brunet

As excitement intensifies over the creation of our third season, you may find yourself wondering, "Who are these new Namaste Yoga instructors, anyway?" It is our honour to introduce them to you! In this installment, we chat with the eclectic and often upside-down, Michelle Brunet.


Michelle Brunet received a vague e-mail about auditions for a televised yoga show. The message contained the contact information of an agent and a question about her interest in possibly pursing a position in the cast. As she had no formal portfolio, her boyfriend snapped some candid photos of her in the park to submit as headshots. With no real specifics on the show she was trying out for, Michelle auditioned twice. "I couldn't see anyone behind the camera since there were a ton of lights blasted at me," Michelle says of the first audition. She finally got more information at her callback. "I had a nice little chat with the producer who finally told me the name of the show and website. I looked up Namaste.tv and thought the show was beautiful."


The Basics

Personal Motto: "Live your days, not your dreams." ~ Mahomoud Darwish

Favorite Food: "Cheeeeeze. I love cheese and anything that tastes like cheese."

Favorite Yoga Pose: "Adho Mukha Vrksasana — Handstand. Any time I need a little pick-me-up, I invert. It's much more effective than coffee!"

Favorite Yoga Style: "I'm super eclectic. If I had to pick just one, I'd say Vinyasa."

Michelle often finds the greatest sources of inspiration come from her yoga students. She recalls a moment that continually reminds her how yoga can change lives. "I had a student come up to me at the end of class and thank me for a Savasana assist I gave her," Michelle recalls. "The student said she had a very hard day and almost didn't come to class. The adjustments I had given her were the only human contact she had that day. She said the class and extra love was a game changer for her that day." Michelle says this moment reminds her constantly of the importance of human touch and how yoga changes lives.


Just For Fun

Best Yoga Mat Color: "Grassy with beautiful, nutritious dirt underneath. I love practicing on the grass."

Off-the-Mat Fun: "My hobby seems to be collecting hobbies. I like to snowboard, rock climb, surf, play photographer, garden, cook and do anything else I'm invited to do that involves getting off my butt. I am a creature of change and love to be challenged."

On-the-Mat Crazy: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Full King Pigeon). "I developed a stress fracture in my back at a very young age. My spine has never been very flexible. I will never forget the first day I was practicing Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with a strap around my back foot. I started walking my hands back as I normally do, and then all of a sudden, I had my big toe in my hand. I remember thinking, 'That's my toe! Holy guacamole, that's my toe, I'm holding my toe right now," then I immediately fell out of the pose. I never thought that would be a possibility for me. It felt pretty unbelievable."



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