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5 Ways to Use Back to School to Get Back to Yoga

(Hint: they all involve your yoga mat...)

A distinctive return to structure resounds as sidewalks are filled once more with backpack-clad bodies returning to school. Wait — did we miss summer? How did that slip by so quickly? If the first month of back-to-school took you by surprise, a dose of summer serenity may be in order! Here are five ways to bring about a balanced fall flow.

1. Attention Shift 

If your summer was full of appointments and social gatherings, returning a bit of time and attention to your yoga practice may be all that is required to restore a bit of serenity to your days. After months of engaging the body in other tasks, you may find it isn't ready to go Full Lotus right away. That's OK. Tune in to your mindset and how you feel. Let that guide your pose and sequence choices.

2. Keep Sunshine in Your Pocket

Yoga is your time. Smile, and enjoy it! During this time, set your intention and focus on being fully present in your practice. Have fun and get really playful! Experiment with a new challenge pose to bring a child-like quality to your being.

3. Feel the Healthful Happiness

Let your practice mark a renewed commitment to live more healthfully in every way. Swap an iced tea for water, and heap more of those fresh, end-of-summer veggies on your plate! Find whatever creates the best possible you and honor it.

4. Breathe and Restore

If your summer was a hectic one, it's time to come back to your breath. Invoke that easy, warm, summery persona on the mat and restore yourself to a more grounded, centered place. Sequences that stay low to the ground and make use of forward folds are calming and rejuvenating. Try sequences like Earth, Seated Twist, Third Eye, Head to Knee and Dancing Sun to cultivate a more collected version of yourself.

5. Tune in to the Wisdom of the Universe

Remember what it is to feel grounded in a daily routine? Your practice will soon remind you of how it improves every facet of your life. There is wisdom to be found in every breath, and reinvention in every subtle shift of your body in each pose. When body aligns with breath, the mind opens itself to the wisdom of the universe. The benefits of yoga are numerous! Tune in to you, listen to your body and learn to give it just what it needs. You can slip into summer serenity anytime you'd like. Don't you feel better already?


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