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#NamasteS3 Yoginis Revealed: Meet Amanda Riches

As excitement intensifies over the creation of our third season, you may find yourself wondering, "who are these new Namaste Yoga instructors, anyway?" It is our distinct honour to introduce them to you! In this installment, we chat with Amanda Riches, one of Namaste Yoga’s most active ambassadors. 

Amanda Riches has spent years connecting with the Namaste Yoga community. As Namaste Yoga's in-house yoga instructor, she works hard to ensure that, even though viewers are practicing at home, they get as much support as possible. Amanda understands why fans are so passionate about and dedicated to the series: Namaste is the main inspiration behind her own practice. "[Namaste Yoga] is the reason why I started a daily yoga practice," Amanda explains. "I see it as the origin of my journey into yoga, nearly ten years ago now."


The Basics

Personal Motto: Be brave and do all things with love

Favorite Food: Red wine and chocolate... and all fruits and vegetables! It's all about balance.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose) I try to make time every day to lay in this restorative pose. It is also the best thing to do to help jet lag or after you've been cramped up travelling all day.

Favorite Yoga Style: I believe that all styles have something uniquely beneficial. My intention is to combine the wisdom of as many styles as possible into my practice.

Amanda's passion for yoga and commitment to a healthy, happy lifestyle is the driving force behind her dedication to Namaste. She believes fully that Namaste Yoga has and will continue to change lives, as more viewers are able to experience what yoga at home should feel like. Feeling strongly the value of the series has made her #namasteS3 journey even more powerful.

When asked to describe her most inspiring yoga moment, Amanda is quick to choose working with master teachers Kate Potter and Erica Blitz. “As a young teacher, the opportunity to work with such experienced teachers and to see their sequences come to life on the big screen is completely life-changing," Amanda says. "I'd also have to say the friendships that I’ve developed with the other on-screen yoginis are also highly inspirational!”


Just for Fun

Off-the-Mat Fun: Play! Whether that means working on tricky arm balances at the beach or having a picnic in the park with my fiancé, I try to incorporate as many playful moments as I can into each day.

On-the-Mat Crazy: Letting Go. Try it. I dare you!

Best Yoga Mat Color: Bright red, yellow, and blue. A black one also, for days when colour is too overwhelming. I like having options, depending on my mood!

Like her choices in yoga mat colors, Amanda imagines the future of Namaste Yoga to be equally bright and varied. She hopes one day the series will host a multitude of yoga styles and provide practitioners with a full range of options to suit their varied needs. Amanda firmly believes in the Namaste mission to bring beautiful, inspiring yoga into every home.

“We are so spoiled here in Vancouver, Canada, with yoga classes at all hours of the day in any style you could possibly want. But every person in the world can benefit from yoga. Not having access to classes due to time, money, or location should not be a barrier. Namaste Yoga at home is one way to break down that barrier, and that is what really lights me up about the show!”



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