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Part 2: Meet the Architect of Namaste Yoga Seasons 3 and 4

Inspiration is plentiful for those who are open and ready to receive it. Sometimes, we draw from our present environment, and sometimes we draw from the past. It is here we continue our interview with Erica Blitz: recalling moments of inspiration and intuition that guided her into this moment.

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Developing the sequences for the latest seasons of Namaste Yoga has contributed some vibrant threads to the yogic tapestry Erica is weaving. Her yoga school, "Inquire + Inspire," offers classes, workshops and teacher trainings primarily in the United States and Canada. Her intentions of helping others live healthfully extends to her company, nubeleaf, which specializes in fruit and vegetable powders. Here is the conclusion of our two-part interview with Erica Blitz.


Namaste Yoga (NY): "How did you find Namaste Yoga?"

Erica Blitz (EB):"Namaste Yoga found me! The producer, Leigh Badgley, reached out to me via e-mail to tell me about the new series. To be honest, I thought it was spam, so I deleted it. I thought nothing more of it until one day when I was literally running home after yoga. I recalled an astrology reading I had nearly ten years ago. The astrologer shared an insight she had about my writing and seeing it on the big screen. The memory of that moment came to my mind and I thought of Leigh's e-mail."

NY: "Prior to experiencing a television production process, what was the craziest thing you had ever done on a yoga mat?"

EB: "DJ music while upside-down in Handstand. Gotta work on those one-armed handstands... I think there's a photo of that on Facebook somewhere..."

NY: "Speaking of yoga mats, what color yoga mat do you prefer?"

EB: "I prefer muted colors so that they aren't a distraction. No crazy designs either. I have two black Manduka mats eKO light and the Manduka Pro which I love because I find them very grounding. I have a blue travel mat for Visuddha Chakra (communication and creative expression). I use them when I teach abroad. I also have a green Anusara Mat by Prana. It's a bit of a spaceship, because it takes up so much space! I love the color green for a yoga mat as it's the color of Anahata, or the heart chakra, and it reminds me of doing yoga outside in green grass."

NY: "Are you often in green grass when not in yoga?"

EB: "I love getting into nature. Whether it's running on the beach, hiking up a mountain or skiing down it, splashing around with my surfboard or riding my bike, I appreciate the solace from Mother Nature. I think that all yogis look to nature for insight and inspiration."

NY: "What is your most inspiring yoga moment?"

EB: "Oooooh, so many! The first that comes to mind is when I completed my first Vipassana Meditation Retreat. I was 18 and with my best friend, Amy. We had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. After 10 days of intense meditation, the vow of silence was broken. I recall speaking for the first time and how clear my voice sounded and how all of my senses were heightened. It was a very profound moment an awakening."

NY: "Is there a yoga teacher that has profoundly influenced your practice?"

EB: "There is no ONE teacher that has influenced me the most. My students are my greatest teachers. They behold the brightest mirror, deepest heart and juiciest insight." "There are other teachers that hold a treasured spot in my heart. Chris Chavez helped me take my practice, my teaching and my life to a whole new realm. He is pure goodness! Catherine Munroe is one of the biggest reasons why I'm leading yoga teacher trainings. She encouraged me to lead my first yoga teacher training in Shanghai, China. She taught me the difference between living to do yoga, and doing yoga to live. Gloria Latham is a dear friend, sister, mother, goddess and all-around fabulous yogini who has been a mentor to me for nearly two decades. She is a continual source of light, reminding me to live my truth. Sat nam."


NY: "What is your favorite yoga style?"

EB: "I love the life-affirming essence and principles of therapeutic alignment found in Anusara Yoga integrated into vinyasa/flow practice. This type of practice heals my body and nourishes my soul."

NY: "In our last interview, you mentioned that your favorite yoga poses change. What is your favorite right now?"

EB: "I'm still into backbends and also some deep hip openers... Loving Pigeon Pose these days. All the sitting at narration and cycling in Vancouver, well, my hips need the love!"

NY: "Cycling around Vancouver is probably a great change of pace after sitting for hours in narration. What do you think of the city?"

EB: "I am LOVING being in Vancouver this time of year. The long, summery days, spectacular sunsets and bubbly energy of the city are something everyone should experience at least once!"

NY: "Our community is eagerly awaiting these new seasons. What do you think is most surprising about Seasons Three and Four?"

EB: "As with any yoga practice, the surprises will be as individual as the practitioner. I find the sequences to be simple yet strong. There will be new challenges that I hope inspire new awakenings in our Namaste Yoga community."

NY: "Thank you very much for your time and efforts, Erica."

EB: "Namaste."

You can connect with Erica on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram



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