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The Yoga Holiday Gift Guide by Namaste TV

These days there’s more yoga gear than ever before, but whether you’re new to yoga, or just overwhelmed by the options, it doesn’t make it any easier to pick a gift. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for the yogi on your shopping list.

1.       For the On-the-Go Yogi - B Mat Traveller

What do you give the yogi who already has all the basics? You get them a travel mat of course!  Our favorite is Byoga’s B MAT traveller – with a thinner, lightweight construction this mat is perfect for commutes, vacations and business trips, and also makes a great second mat to keep at the gym or office.  Easy to store and easy to carry, you can never have too many yoga mats!


2.       For the Meditative Yogi - Palo Santo

Got a giftee who loves incense and aroma therapy or is just looking for ways to create a special space for their yoga or meditative practice?  Try some Palo Santo or “Holy Wood”.  This natural wood incense is sustainably farmed and imported from Ecuador, and when burnt, it creates a rich, fresh smoke with notes of citrus, pine and frankincense.


3.       For the Yogi Who Likes it Cozy – Woodlot Cinder Candle

After a relaxing yoga cool down, or just any old time, there’s nothing quite as soothing as candlelight.  Woodlot’s candle jars are beautifully scented, petroleum free, GMO free and come in a recyclable glass jar. 


4.       For Someone Truly Special – Namaste Yoga: The Complete Collection

There are some gifts that have the power to be truly transformative.  We know that Namaste Yoga can do that because our customers have shared countless stories about how Namaste Yoga has improved their health, inspired career-changes, and ignited life-time love affairs with yoga. Now you can gift all three seasons of Namaste Yoga in one collection, a $150 value for only $99.99. You’ll save, and they’ll get a gift that will stay with them for years to come.


5.       For the Yogi Who Needs a Boost - Halfmoon Bolsters

Whether your yogi is just starting their practice or planning to intensify it, a bolster is an invaluable tool that can add new dimensions to a pose.  Halfmoon is the king of bolsters, all of which they hand-make here in Vancouver, BC, so you get peace of mind knowing your bolster is ethically sourced.


6.       For Every Body - Tote Bag

This sturdy tote bag comes with an adorable design and a positive message – Yoga is For Every Body, no matter your size or shape.  All profits go towards Project True, a not-for-profit organization that was created to support people living with serious body image disorders and/or disordered eating, so this is truly a win-win.


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