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Kelly Mcaleer is Living Namaste

A self-described "fit 55-year-old," Kelly McAleer has been a practicing yoga since her mother introduced her to it as a child. The Ontario native stumbled upon an advertisement for Namaste Yoga several years ago. She tried it and was immediately hooked. "I really enjoy the settings chosen for the programme and the narrator's voice is just perfect — so calm and soothing," Kelly explains. Always a health-conscious person who also lives with asthma, Kelly was caught off guard one day when she felt as though she was having a severe asthma attack. The freelance photographer, mother of two and grandmother of three, found no relief from her usual treatment with an inhaler. Kelly experienced intense chest pain and found even...

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Three Ways to Make the Most of "Spring Fever"

As temperatures begin to moderate at long last, people can start to feel really stir crazy! The cold winter months lead most of us to spend the majority of our time indoors. With its record-breaking low temperatures, this winter has seemed particularly long, and its grasp on our world incredibly tight. We feel the release coming, and we yearn for it to come faster! Our energy has been frozen, and now it is breaking free in a rush. This can lead to lots of great accomplishments, and also some dangerous behaviors. The release from cautious winter driving can make speeding all too easy! It just feels so great to go fast. How about shopping? Perhaps you don't get out much...

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Afternoon Delight: Mid-Day Asana Might be for You

Imagine: your morning did not get off to the best start. You overslept and didn't have time for your usual yoga practice. Now, you are almost halfway through your day, and still craving your blissful, daily experience on the mat. Have you missed your opportunity for the day? Not necessarily. While the next, most frequently advised time to practice yoga would be early evening, there is nothing wrong with a mid-day practice! It is common to crave an afternoon snack or nap to keep energy flowing through the rest of the day. However, the right yoga practice could be more beneficial to calming the body and mind, regaining focus or creating a fresh surge of energy for delving into your...

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Yoga to Balance Kapha

A balanced Kapha is a warm, loving, nurturing and grounded force of nature. Their relaxed, easy personalities and loving approach to life make them a joy to be around. People who physically display a larger body type with bigger bones and a more rounded appearance are likely to be quite high in the Kapha element. When an imbalance in the Kapha dosha occurs, those same "salt of the earth" friends that can be so reliable and steady can become dull, lethargic, depressed... essentially "stuck" in an overload of their own energy. Kaphas become imbalanced with too much sleep and too little exercise. Excesses of cold, sweet or oily foods, cold, wet weather and isolation from family and community can throw...

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Using Challenge Poses to Break Through an Obstacle

Our March newsletter contained an idea: "Pick a Lucky Posture." A "lucky" posture is something you can use as a source of strength and inspiration. There is no singular posture that all yogis worldwide consider "lucky." What we are suggesting is an expansion of your current practice to include a ritual that helps you gain confidence and energy to break through obstacles in other areas of your life. Discover the Obstacle  To find your lucky posture, take some time to meditate on your life. Is there an obstacle you are facing that you haven't been able to break through? Perhaps there is a conversation with a friend or loved one you have been putting off. Think about the reasons why you may...

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