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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Dancing Sun

Dancing Sun "As if to say, 'I'm ready now,' and the readiness is what matters." ~ Kate Potter Find the sun source within and reveal inner strength with the Dancing Sun sequence. The sequence utilizes side angle poses, Forward Folds and confident Warrior poses to bring about a refreshed sense of balance. Open your heart, clear your mind and allow the practice to fill you with new energy. Are you ready now? Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our Journey into Dancing Sun for an experiential account of the sequence. When you are ready, download it from iTunes. Namaste   At Namaste TV, we know that it can be difficult to navigate the world of...

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Dancing Sun Walks on Water

Designing yoga sequences that strengthen the body and mind is second nature to Kate, who through her life's practice and years of teaching has amassed an incredible wealth of knowledge about the workings of the human form. Combined with uncanny intuition and creative expertise, Kate is able to create yoga sequences that enrich and delight all who choose to practice them. "Putting the postures together for the Dancing Sun sequence was a real treat... like learning to tie a proper knot," Kate says. "One pose lends itself to the next, this piece wrote itself!" A revelation did occur for Kate when she was designing the sequence: the process of "deepening". This unique method helps to learn the posture as you...

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Revealing Inner Light With Dancing Sun Sequence

A ray of light dances in a dewdrop, creating a glowing ball at its center. The little drop of water is transformed into a prism, reflecting and radiating that one ray out into a million streams of brilliant energy in every direction of space. The power of the original, singular ray is multiplied and thus able to energize thousands more. Such is the way of the Dancing Sun Sequence. Open your heart and clear your mind with the heart-opening breath body link. Allow the practice to fill you with energy. With every inhale, breathe in calm and stretch your arms outward to make space for new energy. Every exhale is a chance to accept restorative energy as your arms bring...

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