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Yoga and Illness: What and How to Practice

While yoga devotees often tout their resilience to illness, colds and flu invariably crop up from time to time. When getting on the mat is as natural as brushing your teeth, the idea of passing on a practice may seem unthinkable! However, illness provides a real-world moment to practice being kind and attentive to yourself. The knowledge you have gained through your yoga practice can help you bring your body through its weakened state with love and kindness. The principles are the same, both on and off the mat. Tune in and listen to your body. If you are considering attendance at your usual yoga class, skip it. Your fellow classmates will thank you for not sharing your "viral moment."...

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Space: The Element that Contains All

Yoga has a sister science, called Ayurveda. More than a path to health and healing, Ayurveda is truly a study of life in all of its forms, and a quest to understand everything from an elemental vantage point. This allows for obstacles to be dissected and explored from a very basic perspective, and often creates a path to higher understanding. All things in life are classified as one of five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Space or Water. The element of Space, which is perhaps the most interesting element of all as it is so often considered to be little more than empty nothingness. So few are the moments when we are aware of the wholeness space provides. What is Space?...

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Kate Rediscovers the Healing, Grounding Calm of The Earth Sequence

The Earth sequence has long been a favorite of Kate Potter's. In recent months, she has gained a new appreciation for this particular posture flow. Kate's Sadhana began in illness, and she is now progressing on the path to recovery. This journey has given Kate a new appreciation for the Earth Sequence's ability to gently stretch tight muscles and strengthen the core. It has also created an opportunity to learn how to rehabilitate the body after it has suffered an illness or trauma. "A play between solid and liquid," Kate explains. "I think everybody can benefit from this sequence. It is so helpful for me to know what so many out there must feel. Stiff is sore and sore is...

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Envelop the Senses in the Healing Power of Earth

The Earth has an amazing ability to heal. Not only itself, but every living thing that dwells within, on and above its surface. The very word, ‘Earth,’ feels solid, stable, fertile. It is the place we return to, again and again, after every practice and every instance in our lives that we extend beyond our normal boundaries. It is our home. The Earth sequence provides that moment for us to return home and restore balance before going above and beyond once more. “Bowing to the teaching that lies deep within our hearts,” Kate says. “The teaching is forgiveness, and forgiveness starts with ourselves.” So it begins with the Heart Opening Breath-Body Link. This is a kind moment that brings the...

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