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Part 2: Meet the Architect of Namaste Yoga Seasons 3 and 4

Inspiration is plentiful for those who are open and ready to receive it. Sometimes, we draw from our present environment, and sometimes we draw from the past. It is here we continue our interview with Erica Blitz: recalling moments of inspiration and intuition that guided her into this moment. Developing the sequences for the latest seasons of Namaste Yoga has contributed some vibrant threads to the yogic tapestry Erica is weaving. Her yoga school, "Inquire + Inspire," offers classes, workshops and teacher trainings primarily in the United States and Canada. Her intentions of helping others live healthfully extends to her company, nubeleaf, which specializes in fruit and vegetable powders. Here is the conclusion of our two-part interview with Erica Blitz....

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#NamasteS3 Yoginis Revealed: Meet Amanda Riches

As excitement intensifies over the creation of our third season, you may find yourself wondering, "who are these new Namaste Yoga instructors, anyway?" It is our distinct honour to introduce them to you! In this installment, we chat with Amanda Riches, one of Namaste Yoga’s most active ambassadors.  Amanda Riches has spent years connecting with the Namaste Yoga community. As Namaste Yoga's in-house yoga instructor, she works hard to ensure that, even though viewers are practicing at home, they get as much support as possible. Amanda understands why fans are so passionate about and dedicated to the series: Namaste is the main inspiration behind her own practice. "[Namaste Yoga] is the reason why I started a daily yoga practice," Amanda explains....

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Meet the Architect of Namaste Yoga Seasons 3 & 4

Erica Blitz is a moving picture of inspiration and passion. The vast array of talents and interests she embodies swirl around one constant: yoga. Deeply centered in her practice, Erica uses that grounded energy to bring forth a teaching style that encourages awakenings of highest potential in her students. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, some of her greatest strengths can be directly attributed to her Vata-Pitta nature. Never staunchly locked into personal preferences, her focus and interests change as her life situations and needs warrant. Rarely stuck, she’s always inspired and eager to encourage others to shine brightly. Erica has been studying and practicing yoga since 1996. A self-described "international adventuress and relentless architect of possibility," she currently teaches classes, workshops...

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'Tis the Season to Twist Away Tension

The Holiday Season is a time for celebrating the gifts of life and being with loved ones. However, the holidays can also be a time of year where stress and anxiety are heightened. Whether shopping for gifts, travelling to see friends and family (both near and far), finances or even dealing with uncomfortable family situations, the holidays — while intended to be a celebration — can sometimes add unwanted stress. In the current swirl of commercial and social pressures, it's easy to forget the meaningfulness of the season when holiday stress leads to impatience, feeling tired and being overwhelmed. It's also the time of year where there's a tendency to put our own health and wellness on the backburner until...

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Blessed Being: Three Gratitude Practices to Try this Thanksgiving

We all know that we should be grateful, to express our appreciation, count our blessings and to say Thank You. However, culturally, we are conditioned to focus on everything we don't have - instead of focusing on what we do have. Practicing gratitude can shift your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Cultivating gratitude means not taking things for granted. The more we recognize how much we do have and how many things are going well, we become increasingly aware of life’s miracles and everything we have been given. Then, we can come from a place of abundance. If we think we don't have enough, and think everyone else has more than we do,...

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