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Five Ways to Avoid Winter Stagnation

Oh baby, it's cold outside! When all you want to do is stay nestled in your warm bed, it is easy to get into a space where all of your energy expenditures are at the bare minimum. Operating at this level of output for too long can have detrimental effects! Weight gain happens when we consume lots of rich foods and spend our free time curled up on the couch. Negative thoughts creep into our minds when we are not active and engaged in productive daily activities. Illness comes to call on bodies whose defenses are lowered in the name of "hibernation." The yoga body, with consistent practice, seems to repel many of these dispensations. Yoga teaches the practitioner to...

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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Firebird

Firebird "Remembering every obstacle you meet in life can be seen as a block, or an opportunity." ~ Kate Potter The pace of practice steps up a bit in the third sequence of Season One. Firebird is an excellent sequence to gently warm and energize the body. Moving first through Forward Fold and quickly transitioning to the floor gives the practice restorative and grounding properties that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything. Your restoration begins, now. Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our Journey into Exalted Warrior for an experiential account of the sequence. To find uncover your personal revelation, download it from iTunes. Namaste   For more information on this...

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Yoga to Balance Kapha

A balanced Kapha is a warm, loving, nurturing and grounded force of nature. Their relaxed, easy personalities and loving approach to life make them a joy to be around. People who physically display a larger body type with bigger bones and a more rounded appearance are likely to be quite high in the Kapha element. When an imbalance in the Kapha dosha occurs, those same "salt of the earth" friends that can be so reliable and steady can become dull, lethargic, depressed... essentially "stuck" in an overload of their own energy. Kaphas become imbalanced with too much sleep and too little exercise. Excesses of cold, sweet or oily foods, cold, wet weather and isolation from family and community can throw...

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Infuse Grounded Energy with Warm Brightness

The winter season centers around the fact that during this time of year, nature gets very still. Temperatures cool; the earth hardens. The movement of water is slowed and even frozen. The energy around us is solid ­— grounded to the extent of feeling cold and stagnant. These characteristics are what lead us to define the winter season, specifically the late portion of winter, into the early spring, with the Ayurvedic term, Kapha. These heavy external forces call us to bring forth some of our very best natural tendencies, which are also categorized as Kapha. The season calls us to be patient, more loving, more nurturing and more connected; but in our stillness, we are susceptible to the effects of...

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Kate on Firebird

  “I have a fascination with watching a flock of birds in flight change direction,” says Kate Potter. “It seems that on cue, and with one tilt, the whole direction of the flock changes.” Kate draws a parallel between this intuitive aviary flow with the very essence of humanity. “Our bodies are like this too,” Kate observes. “If we watch closely, even our minds can turn that easily. One slight tilt and the whole picture looks different.” This is the inspiration behind the Firebird sequence. The purpose of this practice is to open the hips, and the eyes. “When I created this sequence and still now when I do the sequence, I make sure my eyes and body are very...

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