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Roasted Pumpkin, Chestnut and Pine Nut Sharing Plate

Food that is shared takes on a special meaning.  It is an act of love, of gratitude, of belonging.   Sitting around a table, eating the same meal has a way of bringing people together that is unique and universal all at once.  Especially at this time of year, eating together can be a panacea for the colder weather and longer nights.   This sharing plate is one of my favourites.  The colours alone are a rich tapestry to liven up any table.  Pumpkin cut into wedges, slow roasted with maple syrup, cinnamon and sage leaves for a deep flavour and enticing aroma.  Chestnuts and pine nuts add a satisfying crunch and counter balance and jewels of pomegranate seeds make for...

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Carrot & Cardamom Soup

Soup is the ultimate in self-care food, a hearty bowl has the ability to sustain you through a busy day or revive you at the end of hectic one.  The bright warming orange colour of this soup evokes the season we find ourselves in and is a treat for all the senses.  Cardamom and its delicate spice adds a smoky citrus note to lift the humble carrot soup to a new level. Quick, easy, delicious and nurturing, this is a recipe to fill your bowl and yourself with. 1 lb carrots   2 stalks of celery 1 onion 1L of vegetable stock 3 tablespoons of olive oil Pinch of salt 2 bay leaves 6 peppercorns 6 cardamom pods (Serves 5) Wash...

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Namaste Food: Superfood Yogurt Recipe

Styled and Photographed by Marshall To | @thepursuitofgluttony This is one of my favourite weekday breakfasts. I'll mix it up the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight for the flavours to come together and the chia seeds to soak. The end product is a thick, bright yellow yogurt that can be topped with berries, granola, or your favourite nuts and seeds. It can also be made using non-dairy yogurts. Use less almond milk and more chia seeds for a thicker yogurt. Or use regular yogurt instead of greek for a thinner, more drinkable breakfast. Play around with the ingredients and enjoy!   Superfood Yogurt Recipe (Single Serving) 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk (or use sweetened if you prefer,...

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Kapha-Balancing Foods Brighten and Energize!

When thinking of the element of Kapha, consider all of the things in our world that are essentially agents of bonding. Generally speaking, solid things that help other things connect or stay together are considered Kapha, of which, earth and water are the predominant elements. In the body, areas where mucus and fat are produced or stored are considered sources of Kapha energy: the chest, throat, head, stomach and excretory organs. Kapha also generates the feelings that inspire us to unite with others: love and kindness, a nurturing tendency — even one's faith — are all initiated by Kapha energy. When there is too much Kapha energy, an imbalance occurs. Just like an object trapped in quicksand, things get stuck!...

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Vineyard Vinyasa: Let it Flow and Let. It. Go.

The structure of humanity converges and diverges with our environment in so many ways. Our reciprocal breathing exchange being an obvious connection, but we also share similarities in structure. Look at the core of a nearby plant: it has a stronger center structure, and then branches out into limbs that can bring forth all manner of life and inspiration. Fortunately for us, there are a wealth of plants that bear sustenance for our species, but few share the aptitude for grace and romance that you can find in a vineyard. If you are so fortunate, download sequences such as Triangle and Crane and take them to a vineyard, where inspiring examples of gentle strength, and notions that there are many...

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