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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Gate Opening

Gate Opening "As if to vow to ourselves, to become ourselves, again and again." ~ Kate Potter The Gate Opening sequence introduces practitioners of Namaste Yoga to the significance of the side body during balancing poses. The practice has a very welcome and open feeling. By staying low to the earth, a grounding, restorative energy is cultivated. The balancing moments provide an opportunity to welcome a new energy and even brighter, more confident outlook. Find the brightest version of you today. Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our journey into Gate Opening for an experiential account of the sequence. To uncover your personal revelation, download it from iTunes. Namaste   For more information on this...

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Open the Gate: Including Peaceful Creatures In Your Practice

There is a vast difference between being self-aware and being self-absorbed. You've probably observed this in your own life. For instance, the person in line at the grocery store who decides to change lanes: forcing everyone behind to back up lest their carts are jostled, and then inadvertantly cutting in front of other people and their carts who were headed to the very line they just entered. How about at home? Have you been the person doing a silent, mindful activity, only to have someone walk in the room and turn on some noisy, electronic device? These moments can make you feel as if you are invisible, but truly, it's more about those who haven't chosen to practice mindful awareness....

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Kate On Gate Opening Sequence

The Gate Opening sequence brings Namaste Yoga in a whole different direction: the side angle. For Kate Potter, this was a very exciting moment in creating the Namaste Yoga sequences. A new perspective on the “dynamic flow” was born. “In what would otherwise be the direction of cats, dogs and sunbirds, with the head always straight forward, suddenly the chest is open to the side and to the sky!” Kate said with excitement. “I love how, with breath as the guide, there is a seamless shift, without losing balance or beat.” This new dimension also ties into the mental aspects of this practice. For Kate, it is a reminder to stay open to learning and all opportunities. “Can you imagine,...

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Gate Opening

“Ambition has one heel nailed in well, though she stretch her fingers to touch the heavens.” ~ Lao Tzu A gate, with strong, straight sides and a soft, gracefully rounded top can blow open with the slightest breeze if the latch is not used at the proper moment. A weak slat at the center can allow all sorts of undesirable things to sneak through. Today, we are maintaining the gate: making it strong and oiling the hinges so it opens easily when we want it to. The warm-up and Earth-Rain Breath Body link focuses energy to the center of your body. Feel the strength there as you exhale and tighten your core! The gate is anchored to the ground and...

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