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'Tis the Season to Twist Away Tension

The Holiday Season is a time for celebrating the gifts of life and being with loved ones. However, the holidays can also be a time of year where stress and anxiety are heightened. Whether shopping for gifts, travelling to see friends and family (both near and far), finances or even dealing with uncomfortable family situations, the holidays — while intended to be a celebration — can sometimes add unwanted stress. In the current swirl of commercial and social pressures, it's easy to forget the meaningfulness of the season when holiday stress leads to impatience, feeling tired and being overwhelmed. It's also the time of year where there's a tendency to put our own health and wellness on the backburner until...

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The Urge to Splurge: Indulge or Supress?

Are you planning for warm weather and fun in the sun? Sales for clothes, outdoor supplies, trips, shoes, accessories and organizational supplies often appear as quickly and with as much bounty as leaves on trees this time of year. It is easy to abandon your intentions to spend wisely and save in favor of indulging your urge to shop 'til you drop! While surpressing energy can be detrimental, it is wise to consider your purchases with care. How many of the things you want, do you really need? In what ways will your expenditures today impact your future plans? Your yoga practice can influence your spending Challenges you have faced on your yoga mat can bring a healthy mentality to...

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Stepping into 2014: A New Year Rising

The direction of our forward movement is influenced by the energy and action of our past. Last month, we shared with you our intention to donate 10% of all Namaste Yoga DVD purchases to Special Olympics during the holiday season. It is with heartfelt gratitude we thank each and every person who purchased a DVD or made a donation through Team Namaste Yoga, thus helping us further our intentions of supporting an organization devoted to creating a world of inclusion and community. We are happy to let you know that our efforts to unite and help make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place resulted in the generation of more than $1,000 for this incredible organization. Our upcoming...

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Big Things are Made of Small Pieces

If you look at a challenging pose like Crane, you can be immediately overwhelmed. It looks impossible! Crazy even, but when you look at the steps, they may not seem so hard. When you approach them with patience and love, one little piece at a time... you get there. In the process of approaching a pose, even if the results are not what you intended; you discover things along the way that help you learn and grow. That is what truly makes the effort worthwhile. The same is true of many other daring ventures. They seem so daunting at first, but when you start looking at the components, you see that they are more approachable. Large tasks can be dissected...

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Three Loving Gifts That Love You Back

The holidays can be a joyous time. They can also be a very stressful time, it's really what you make it! With Christmas on our doorsteps, it is easy to feel a note of panic. If you have made a choice to minimize your activities, take the commercialism out of Christmas, you may worry how your loved ones will respond. If they are used to you doing a lot for them, will they be disappointed with less? Less of everything might be a disappointment for all, but less stuff and more you is quite likely to be a very worthy exchange for all! Physical gifts wear out over time and eventually are discarded or replaced. Memories are cherished for a...

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