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Creating Paths to Yoga with Namaste

"My mother-in-law introduced me to yoga and bought me a mat to help me deal with the stress of graduate school," writes Anne W., a member of our Facebook community. "That was almost exactly four years ago. Yoga has been an important part of my life. Now I am about to begin a new chapter of my life and yoga will undoubtedly be a part of my daily routine in that chapter as well." Do you remember who introduced you to yoga? Every path has a beginning, and every person finds their beginning in their own time, and in their own way. The yogic path often starts with an introduction made by a friend. As a yogi sees all they...

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The Luminous Calm of Half Moon sequence

You’ve heard of the Man in the Moon, have you ever seen the lady that rests in the cooling arc of his crescent? He provides a calm, quiet, stable place to rest; and she receives all of his gifts and is made ever more luminous as she basks in the gentle glow of his light. The strength, balance and sensuality of this relationship are hypnotizing. This feeling is embodied in the Half Moon Sequence. From the moment Tim McCauley’s “Awakening” begins to play, you are drawn away from the realities of everyday and into a magical realm where the luminescent blue glow of a moonlit evening calms the mind and lights your path with a romantically appealing beam of gentle...

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Swinging with breath in Half Moon

Can you feel the expansive swing of the Half Moon sequence as you move through the postures? There is an incredibly satisfying moment in yoga when the yogi truly connects with the sequence. The motions do not feel foreign - they make sense and the direction to move feels as though it is coming from within as much as it is being directed by an external source. When creating the posture flow sequences for Namaste Yoga, Kate Potter soon found her flow in much the same way. "Ah the Half Moon, I just love this sequence!" Kate continues, "The way it turned out on film, Tim's music, the editing, even the way I voiced it all seemed just about right....

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