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Roasted Pumpkin, Chestnut and Pine Nut Sharing Plate

Food that is shared takes on a special meaning.  It is an act of love, of gratitude, of belonging.   Sitting around a table, eating the same meal has a way of bringing people together that is unique and universal all at once.  Especially at this time of year, eating together can be a panacea for the colder weather and longer nights.   This sharing plate is one of my favourites.  The colours alone are a rich tapestry to liven up any table.  Pumpkin cut into wedges, slow roasted with maple syrup, cinnamon and sage leaves for a deep flavour and enticing aroma.  Chestnuts and pine nuts add a satisfying crunch and counter balance and jewels of pomegranate seeds make for...

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Bring Nature Home With an Indoor Garden

With cold winter temperatures dragging on for much of the continent, it is easy to grow impatient with the arrival of spring! While conditions may not yet be ideal for taking your practice outside, you really don't have to wait for outdoor conditions to improve before enjoying the feeling of renewal young buds and green sprouts bring. If you haven't already, consider starting an indoor garden, or simply incorporating a few houseplants into your living space. There are many benefits to gardening. "Ecotherapy," as it is known in some circles, is said to impart many of the same healthy benefits as a consistent yoga practice. If you already love the grounding calm you find on your yoga mat, imagine what...

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Yoga and Illness: What and How to Practice

While yoga devotees often tout their resilience to illness, colds and flu invariably crop up from time to time. When getting on the mat is as natural as brushing your teeth, the idea of passing on a practice may seem unthinkable! However, illness provides a real-world moment to practice being kind and attentive to yourself. The knowledge you have gained through your yoga practice can help you bring your body through its weakened state with love and kindness. The principles are the same, both on and off the mat. Tune in and listen to your body. If you are considering attendance at your usual yoga class, skip it. Your fellow classmates will thank you for not sharing your "viral moment."...

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Nine Places to Consider Bringing Yoga

When you realize how much yoga is giving you, it seems natural and logical to want to give that to everyone around you! Many explore the idea of becoming a yoga teacher, but this is not a practical option for all. In this season of giving, there are few gifts that compare to that of health and peace of mind. Keep reading for nine places you might consider introducing to yoga. 1. Nursing Home -  Few are more aware of the gift of time than the elderly and infirm. While we are not suggesting Crane balance, gentle stretches and time spent listening will go a long way towards lifting spirits here. 2. School - Teachers with papers to grade (or simply...

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Time for a Clean Sweep! Creating a Personalized Detox Plan

As many yoga blogs or magazines will tell you, fall is a great time to make healthy changes to your routine. Many endorse cleanses or other detoxification processes, meant to "reset" the body and reposition ones entire being on a healthier path. The routines can be rather extreme (try living on lemon water for days!) or seem very fixed (here is your menu for the week, chocked full of ingredients you cannot readily find in your supermarket); but there are ways to reset the mind and body with gentle, gradual processes. One of the goals of Namaste Yoga is to make yoga feel so good, that you want to do it every day! We see no reason why your diet...

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