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Yoga to Balance Kapha

A balanced Kapha is a warm, loving, nurturing and grounded force of nature. Their relaxed, easy personalities and loving approach to life make them a joy to be around. People who physically display a larger body type with bigger bones and a more rounded appearance are likely to be quite high in the Kapha element. When an imbalance in the Kapha dosha occurs, those same "salt of the earth" friends that can be so reliable and steady can become dull, lethargic, depressed... essentially "stuck" in an overload of their own energy. Kaphas become imbalanced with too much sleep and too little exercise. Excesses of cold, sweet or oily foods, cold, wet weather and isolation from family and community can throw...

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Kapha-Balancing Foods Brighten and Energize!

When thinking of the element of Kapha, consider all of the things in our world that are essentially agents of bonding. Generally speaking, solid things that help other things connect or stay together are considered Kapha, of which, earth and water are the predominant elements. In the body, areas where mucus and fat are produced or stored are considered sources of Kapha energy: the chest, throat, head, stomach and excretory organs. Kapha also generates the feelings that inspire us to unite with others: love and kindness, a nurturing tendency — even one's faith — are all initiated by Kapha energy. When there is too much Kapha energy, an imbalance occurs. Just like an object trapped in quicksand, things get stuck!...

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Speaking With Care

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to say something kind to someone, and the opportunity passed you by? Conversely, have you ever had the urge to really unload on someone, but resisted? After these moments passed, were you comfortable with your actions in the moment? The Kapha season provides an excellent opportunity to take a moment to remember the power our words have to support and nurture those around us. When expressed with care, kindness and truth, even thoughts and feelings that could be very hurtful can be shared in ways that encourage growth in a relationship. When a positive thought is genuine and the recipient truly worthy, an expression of awareness about their unique qualities can...

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Flowers, Hearts and Yoga Mats

Isn't it interesting that our appointed day to celebrate love is scheduled for one of the coldest, most wintry months of the year? On the surface, this seems contradictory. If you tune in with a Hatha perspective, this balance in oppositional forces is exceptionally well placed! Ayurvedically speaking, the timing is perfect. As we mark the beginning of the Kapha season, we note that our loving, nurturing energies take center stage. What better way to encourage a resurgence of latent energy than expressing affection for our loved ones? If you are in the process of planning your Valentine's Day, consider incorporating a few yoga-inspired touches to add a dash of healthy connection to your romantic intentions. Couples yoga Valentine's Day...

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Infuse Grounded Energy with Warm Brightness

The winter season centers around the fact that during this time of year, nature gets very still. Temperatures cool; the earth hardens. The movement of water is slowed and even frozen. The energy around us is solid ­— grounded to the extent of feeling cold and stagnant. These characteristics are what lead us to define the winter season, specifically the late portion of winter, into the early spring, with the Ayurvedic term, Kapha. These heavy external forces call us to bring forth some of our very best natural tendencies, which are also categorized as Kapha. The season calls us to be patient, more loving, more nurturing and more connected; but in our stillness, we are susceptible to the effects of...

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