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Introducing... Ayurvedic Yoga

We are all different. The beauty of ayurvedic yoga is that it recognizes this and prescribes a different practice depending on things like body type, personality, and life circumstances. Many of us are probably aware of the many different types of yoga being practiced. One of these types can be referred to as ayurvedic yoga, and it is quickly gaining in recognition and popularity. In ayurvedic yoga, the goal is to achieve balance by making lifestyle choices and engaging in a yoga practice that is suited to one's unique body type and personality. Ayurveda is the traditional holistic medicine of India that has developed over thousands of years. Ayurveda teaches us to be wise in our lifestyle choices by developing...

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Why Yoga?

I have to agree with Joseph Campbell, the late historian of world religion and myth. I feel that Yoga is one way to really know I am alive, and teaching Yoga is an honor through and through. When we asked you last week why you think that everyone should have a yoga practice, many of your comments reflected this idea -- that yoga is about enriching one's experience of being alive. Another theme from your comments was that, in our busy lives, we often miss this experience of being alive in our attempt to keep up with all that is required from us. Until our lives are threatened in some way -- like the death of a significant other -- we can speed along, without really being...

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