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#NamasteS3 Yoginis Revealed: Meet Amanda Riches

As excitement intensifies over the creation of our third season, you may find yourself wondering, "who are these new Namaste Yoga instructors, anyway?" It is our distinct honour to introduce them to you! In this installment, we chat with Amanda Riches, one of Namaste Yoga’s most active ambassadors.  Amanda Riches has spent years connecting with the Namaste Yoga community. As Namaste Yoga's in-house yoga instructor, she works hard to ensure that, even though viewers are practicing at home, they get as much support as possible. Amanda understands why fans are so passionate about and dedicated to the series: Namaste is the main inspiration behind her own practice. "[Namaste Yoga] is the reason why I started a daily yoga practice," Amanda explains....

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Why Yoga?

I have to agree with Joseph Campbell, the late historian of world religion and myth. I feel that Yoga is one way to really know I am alive, and teaching Yoga is an honor through and through. When we asked you last week why you think that everyone should have a yoga practice, many of your comments reflected this idea -- that yoga is about enriching one's experience of being alive. Another theme from your comments was that, in our busy lives, we often miss this experience of being alive in our attempt to keep up with all that is required from us. Until our lives are threatened in some way -- like the death of a significant other -- we can speed along, without really being...

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Finding space for yoga

Sometimes, in order for yoga to feel good, you have to make room for it in your house and your agenda! Getting your foot caught on the couch while rising into an extended leg balance, or hovering over your children’s toys in warrior III is not conducive to a restorative yoga practice. Ringing phones, e-mail alerts, drop-in guests and overly crowded agendas disrupt the mind and are counterintuitive to the quest to harmonize mind and body, body and breath. Finding Space While you do not need your very own in-house yoga studio to accomplish this, you should consider the climate and environment you will be practicing in, and make adjustments to enhance the suitability of the area. With a little forethought and planning, you can find a place in your...

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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Riding the Wind

  A graceful test of balance and strength, the Riding the Wind sequence is a challenging practice that builds strength, balance and focus. This flight of fancy encourages feelings of freedom, lightness and grace as the poses work to open your heart center and revitalize the body. Explore your position in space with a sequence that dares you to dream. Are you ready to soar? Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our Journey into Riding the Wind for an experiential account of the sequence. To take this ride, download it from iTunes. Namaste   At Namaste TV, we know that it can be difficult to navigate the world of yoga, which is why our social media platforms...

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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Crane

  Among the most intriguing of Seasons 1 & 2 of Namaste Yoga, Crane is a challenging practice that builds upper body strength and calls you to really tune in to your practice. Moving in and out of Crane/Crow posture allows for tiny adjustments to be made while the memory of the pose is still alive in your mind and body. Remember not to worry if you fall — it's all part of the practice. Are you ready to reveal a new sense of strength? Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our Journey into Crane for an experiential account of the sequence. To explore this posture flow, download it from iTunes. Namaste   At Namaste...

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