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Flowers, Hearts and Yoga Mats

Isn't it interesting that our appointed day to celebrate love is scheduled for one of the coldest, most wintry months of the year? On the surface, this seems contradictory. If you tune in with a Hatha perspective, this balance in oppositional forces is exceptionally well placed! Ayurvedically speaking, the timing is perfect. As we mark the beginning of the Kapha season, we note that our loving, nurturing energies take center stage. What better way to encourage a resurgence of latent energy than expressing affection for our loved ones? If you are in the process of planning your Valentine's Day, consider incorporating a few yoga-inspired touches to add a dash of healthy connection to your romantic intentions. Couples yoga Valentine's Day...

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Big Things are Made of Small Pieces

If you look at a challenging pose like Crane, you can be immediately overwhelmed. It looks impossible! Crazy even, but when you look at the steps, they may not seem so hard. When you approach them with patience and love, one little piece at a time... you get there. In the process of approaching a pose, even if the results are not what you intended; you discover things along the way that help you learn and grow. That is what truly makes the effort worthwhile. The same is true of many other daring ventures. They seem so daunting at first, but when you start looking at the components, you see that they are more approachable. Large tasks can be dissected...

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Romancing Your Goals

When goals are backed by misguided intentions, they often feel quite laborious. Why is it, do you suppose, so many of us "fail" at keeping our New Year's resolutions? Inspired by misguided intent, lacking in structure and purpose, goals can feel like chores. Yet another obligation that closer examination likely reveals you never really wanted to accomplish in the first place! Intentionis at the heart of everything. When the heart is right, the goals and purpose are true, and motivation to accomplish them comes with ease. The trick is not to forget the intent! We've equated intent to the hazy cloud from whichgoalsform. Sometimes it takes looking at our goals through that hazy filter to stay motivated and continue down...

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Loving Namaste

The purpose of the Living Namaste blog is to unite our community and help us all in the process of bringing the concepts of yoga into our lives, both on and off the mat. Calm the mind, strengthen the body and inspire the soul every day through practice, focus and awareness. Living Namaste is not always easy, because not everyone chooses to travel this path. Conflicts arise. Our world, our work, our wellness are all met with obstacles along the way. This is the journey, this is the practice, the place where the real work of Living Namaste with truth and devotion bears itself out. We practice the concepts on the mat, and apply the principles to our own realities....

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