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Bring Nature Home With an Indoor Garden

With cold winter temperatures dragging on for much of the continent, it is easy to grow impatient with the arrival of spring! While conditions may not yet be ideal for taking your practice outside, you really don't have to wait for outdoor conditions to improve before enjoying the feeling of renewal young buds and green sprouts bring. If you haven't already, consider starting an indoor garden, or simply incorporating a few houseplants into your living space. There are many benefits to gardening. "Ecotherapy," as it is known in some circles, is said to impart many of the same healthy benefits as a consistent yoga practice. If you already love the grounding calm you find on your yoga mat, imagine what...

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Ten Favourite ‘Living Namaste’ Posts of 2013

As we step into a New Year, it's good to take a step back, a nice deep breath, and turn our attentions to the high points of the previous year. The goal of our Living Namaste Blog is to help you carry inspiration and serenity from your practice, off the mat and into the rest of your life. We hope that you have enjoyed these posts as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Here's a look back at our most popular posts this year. 10. Digital Downloads The long wait for Namaste Yoga to go digital culminated in the series becoming available on iTunes this year! We were so dedicated to making this happen, we declared it our challenge...

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Diane Wolcott is Living Namaste

This post is part of our Viewer Journeys series, in which we introduce you to a yogi or yogini from our community whose story has inspired us. We feel that sharing their stories will enrich your own journey. In this post, Namaste Yogini, Heather Gregory, interviews Diane Wolcott about her recent Namaste experience. A yoga practice that feels as though it has grown cumbersome or stagnant can be so disheartening. This is a point in which many people abandon yoga, not because it is no longer needed, but because there is an obstacle that hinders their ability to enjoy and gain enrichment from their time on the mat. Our newest Namaste Yogini, Diane Wolcott, has encountered some of these obstacles,...

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Waves of Energy Bring Shivas to Life

The last combination for our #namasteNewViews journey is just right for anyone who needs to shake up their practice! Both among the most challenging of the Namaste Yoga series, Water Light and Dancing Shiva is a study of both vertical and horizontal. A test of core and balance, strength and serenity, breath and focus. If you are ready, this is a truly profound experience! As we have had so much time to explore the practice from a solitary perspective, what if this time we bring a friend along? When we introduce friends to yoga, the idea often is to bring them to it gradually... start small. This seems logical, so as not to overwhelm a newbie with complicated poses and...

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Explore Your Practice from Higher Ground

What do you feel when you look out from atop a high hill? Isn't it amazing, how all of the things that seem so big and overwhelming when you are near or in them, seem so small from above? This place presents as an ideal location to practice sequences that invoke feelings of introspection and intuition, such as Third Eye and Heart Mind sequences. As you clear the channels of intuition and clarity of thought with the Third Eye Breath Body Link, you may have a sense that your contribution to this open place feels but a droplet in an ocean of air and space. Sometimes it is good to realize that most of our actions, while often impacting those...

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