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The Kindness in Self Discipline

What is it about the word "Discipline" that sounds SO painful?!? What images come to mind when you think of discipline? Perhaps images more directly tied to "punishment" are what fill your head. The discipline we are channeling in this case takes more of a preventative form, and in this instance, can be a very kind thing to do for yourself. In March, we entertained the notion of creating aLucky Postureto bring comfort and a sense of opportunity in times of darkness and frustration. This can become a ritual, a trusted routine you turn to when you need a sense of stability and hope. Discipline can very much be the same thing. When we introduce a child or pet to...

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When Overcoming an Obstacle Means Not Overcoming It

Not every obstacle is put in your path to be overcome. There are those very rare gems that teach us one of the most valuable lessons in life: learning when to let go. The real obstacle in these instances is often coming to the realization that all of the energy you have dedicated to breaking through this obstacle has actually been expelled in order for you to learn that you need to change your path. Here are three steps to using an obstacle to inspire change: Knowing when it is time to let go Gaining perspective from your process Pursuing the next challenge  Remember, every obstacle provides an opportunity. Today is your lucky day! Today you will learn when to...

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Using Challenge Poses to Break Through an Obstacle

Our March newsletter contained an idea: "Pick a Lucky Posture." A "lucky" posture is something you can use as a source of strength and inspiration. There is no singular posture that all yogis worldwide consider "lucky." What we are suggesting is an expansion of your current practice to include a ritual that helps you gain confidence and energy to break through obstacles in other areas of your life. Discover the Obstacle  To find your lucky posture, take some time to meditate on your life. Is there an obstacle you are facing that you haven't been able to break through? Perhaps there is a conversation with a friend or loved one you have been putting off. Think about the reasons why you may...

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Build Your Own Obstacle Course with Challenge Poses

Did you ever run through an obstacle course? It was fun, wasn't it? You are prepared, of course, for this kind of block in your path. There is a definite, visible beginning and end point. The way around is usually quite obvious, and there are no seriously negative implications for having traveled this adventurous path. These are the easy challenges, the fun ones! We rarely stop and think what these types of obstacles can do for us in the long run. There are obstacles in yoga, too. We lovingly refer to them as "challenge poses." When you look at them more deeply, you can see they have a lot more to offer us than being able to claim a funky...

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The Opportunity in Obstacles

Obstacles seem to come out of nowhere. You are steaming right along, making progress and working steadily towards your goals when *BOOM!* As if a boulder fell from the sky and stopped right in the middle of your path. Wow. Obstacles seem so immense when you first meet them, don't they? They stop you in your tracks! It's difficult to not get angry, because you were making such great strides, and now you have this thing you are going to have to work around before you can continue that progress towards your goal. An obstacle can paralyze you, crush you beneath its weight. But only if you choose to stay beneath it. If you choose to overcome your obstacle, you...

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