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Why Yoga?

I have to agree with Joseph Campbell, the late historian of world religion and myth. I feel that Yoga is one way to really know I am alive, and teaching Yoga is an honor through and through. When we asked you last week why you think that everyone should have a yoga practice, many of your comments reflected this idea -- that yoga is about enriching one's experience of being alive. Another theme from your comments was that, in our busy lives, we often miss this experience of being alive in our attempt to keep up with all that is required from us. Until our lives are threatened in some way -- like the death of a significant other -- we can speed along, without really being...

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Ten Favourite ‘Living Namaste’ Posts of 2013

As we step into a New Year, it's good to take a step back, a nice deep breath, and turn our attentions to the high points of the previous year. The goal of our Living Namaste Blog is to help you carry inspiration and serenity from your practice, off the mat and into the rest of your life. We hope that you have enjoyed these posts as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Here's a look back at our most popular posts this year. 10. Digital Downloads The long wait for Namaste Yoga to go digital culminated in the series becoming available on iTunes this year! We were so dedicated to making this happen, we declared it our challenge...

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Revolving Winds Calm Body and Mind in Scattered Season

It's been said that fall is very much like spring. Both are seasons of change to be sure! There is a subtle difference though. Spring is about thawing out, getting moving again. "Spring fever" is an "illness" many are struck with in the kapha season. Fall is different though, we are bringing to a close a season of activity, while simultaneously moving into a very busy time of more focused work, school and, before you know it, preparing for holidays! In addition to moving from a "vacation" to "work" mode, for many there is now the labor of harvesting and preserving, battening down the hatches and preparing for the cold winter season ahead. When you have expended so much energy...

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Approaching Challenges with Discipline

What do you do when you realize you've lost something? Most people go back to the last place they remember having the item, then retrace their steps until they find it. What happens when that doesn't work? Retrace your steps again, right? And again and again and again! What if you haven't found it yet? How do you feel? Frustrated? A little crazy, perhaps? Your memory seems to have betrayed you; how do you manage this moment? Many challenges in life can put us in a very similar frame of mind. We repeat our actions over and over, losing time we need for other things, and still not finding the solution! As your frustration increases, the speed in which you...

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The Kindness in Self Discipline

What is it about the word "Discipline" that sounds SO painful?!? What images come to mind when you think of discipline? Perhaps images more directly tied to "punishment" are what fill your head. The discipline we are channeling in this case takes more of a preventative form, and in this instance, can be a very kind thing to do for yourself. In March, we entertained the notion of creating aLucky Postureto bring comfort and a sense of opportunity in times of darkness and frustration. This can become a ritual, a trusted routine you turn to when you need a sense of stability and hope. Discipline can very much be the same thing. When we introduce a child or pet to...

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