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Infuse Grounded Energy with Warm Brightness

The winter season centers around the fact that during this time of year, nature gets very still. Temperatures cool; the earth hardens. The movement of water is slowed and even frozen. The energy around us is solid ­— grounded to the extent of feeling cold and stagnant. These characteristics are what lead us to define the winter season, specifically the late portion of winter, into the early spring, with the Ayurvedic term, Kapha. These heavy external forces call us to bring forth some of our very best natural tendencies, which are also categorized as Kapha. The season calls us to be patient, more loving, more nurturing and more connected; but in our stillness, we are susceptible to the effects of...

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Revolving Winds Calm Body and Mind in Scattered Season

It's been said that fall is very much like spring. Both are seasons of change to be sure! There is a subtle difference though. Spring is about thawing out, getting moving again. "Spring fever" is an "illness" many are struck with in the kapha season. Fall is different though, we are bringing to a close a season of activity, while simultaneously moving into a very busy time of more focused work, school and, before you know it, preparing for holidays! In addition to moving from a "vacation" to "work" mode, for many there is now the labor of harvesting and preserving, battening down the hatches and preparing for the cold winter season ahead. When you have expended so much energy...

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Vineyard Vinyasa: Let it Flow and Let. It. Go.

The structure of humanity converges and diverges with our environment in so many ways. Our reciprocal breathing exchange being an obvious connection, but we also share similarities in structure. Look at the core of a nearby plant: it has a stronger center structure, and then branches out into limbs that can bring forth all manner of life and inspiration. Fortunately for us, there are a wealth of plants that bear sustenance for our species, but few share the aptitude for grace and romance that you can find in a vineyard. If you are so fortunate, download sequences such as Triangle and Crane and take them to a vineyard, where inspiring examples of gentle strength, and notions that there are many...

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How Structure for You Is Compassionate for All

What controls you? Are you owned by your priority list? Are you a slave to your loved ones? Or are you truly running the show? There is a balance to be struck here, as with all things in life. Without structure and discipline, we become rudderless, adrift at sea and tossed about by the whims of the winds that come from myriad directions. If we let this happen enough, we become lost and overwhelmed by the vastness of our surroundings. How can you be happy, calm and content when you feel as though you might drown? Structure is the key. No matter how much you expect to accomplish in a day, having a plan of attack makes it more manageable,...

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Too Much Renewal?

"Retiring is just practicing up to be dead. That doesn't take any practice." ~ Paul Harvey   When thinking of a renewal process. It is easy to connect it with a retiring from life of sorts. The idea can cause a little bit of anxiety. 'What will go unaccomplished while I am sitting around... renewing?' Thoughts of falling behind in work and with our goals can make you never want to take a break! We can be so driven sometimes. Then, you do. You stop, take a breath, break out of the day to day and take in a sunset, or pause to feel the earth beneath your bare feet. A little slice of your very own heaven, isn't it?...

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