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Five Ways to Avoid Winter Stagnation

Oh baby, it's cold outside! When all you want to do is stay nestled in your warm bed, it is easy to get into a space where all of your energy expenditures are at the bare minimum. Operating at this level of output for too long can have detrimental effects! Weight gain happens when we consume lots of rich foods and spend our free time curled up on the couch. Negative thoughts creep into our minds when we are not active and engaged in productive daily activities. Illness comes to call on bodies whose defenses are lowered in the name of "hibernation." The yoga body, with consistent practice, seems to repel many of these dispensations. Yoga teaches the practitioner to...

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Three Ways to Make the Most of "Spring Fever"

As temperatures begin to moderate at long last, people can start to feel really stir crazy! The cold winter months lead most of us to spend the majority of our time indoors. With its record-breaking low temperatures, this winter has seemed particularly long, and its grasp on our world incredibly tight. We feel the release coming, and we yearn for it to come faster! Our energy has been frozen, and now it is breaking free in a rush. This can lead to lots of great accomplishments, and also some dangerous behaviors. The release from cautious winter driving can make speeding all too easy! It just feels so great to go fast. How about shopping? Perhaps you don't get out much...

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Afternoon Delight: Mid-Day Asana Might be for You

Imagine: your morning did not get off to the best start. You overslept and didn't have time for your usual yoga practice. Now, you are almost halfway through your day, and still craving your blissful, daily experience on the mat. Have you missed your opportunity for the day? Not necessarily. While the next, most frequently advised time to practice yoga would be early evening, there is nothing wrong with a mid-day practice! It is common to crave an afternoon snack or nap to keep energy flowing through the rest of the day. However, the right yoga practice could be more beneficial to calming the body and mind, regaining focus or creating a fresh surge of energy for delving into your...

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Waves of Energy Bring Shivas to Life

The last combination for our #namasteNewViews journey is just right for anyone who needs to shake up their practice! Both among the most challenging of the Namaste Yoga series, Water Light and Dancing Shiva is a study of both vertical and horizontal. A test of core and balance, strength and serenity, breath and focus. If you are ready, this is a truly profound experience! As we have had so much time to explore the practice from a solitary perspective, what if this time we bring a friend along? When we introduce friends to yoga, the idea often is to bring them to it gradually... start small. This seems logical, so as not to overwhelm a newbie with complicated poses and...

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Explore Your Practice from Higher Ground

What do you feel when you look out from atop a high hill? Isn't it amazing, how all of the things that seem so big and overwhelming when you are near or in them, seem so small from above? This place presents as an ideal location to practice sequences that invoke feelings of introspection and intuition, such as Third Eye and Heart Mind sequences. As you clear the channels of intuition and clarity of thought with the Third Eye Breath Body Link, you may have a sense that your contribution to this open place feels but a droplet in an ocean of air and space. Sometimes it is good to realize that most of our actions, while often impacting those...

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