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Namaste Yoga: Season 1 - Practice Guide

Welcome to the Namaste Yoga Episode Guide. As part of Sādhana: The Namaste Yoga Journey, every week we will unveil a new sequence. To better support your practice, this guide focuses on the individual postures contained in each original sequence. You will find information for both beginners and those who are further along in their practice. Whether you're looking for a more detailed accompaniment to one of our episodes, or are searching for insight on a specific pose, we hope you will find here the guidance you seek. If you have further questions, we encourage you to comment below, where we will share our answers with the entire Namaste Yoga community! Namaste Yoga: Season 1 - Practice Guide Season 1...

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Practice Guide: Season 1 Episode 4 - Gate Opening

Gate Opening - Overview Beginner: Gate Opening is a graceful practice that works your abdominal muscles and upper body, while improving your balance and increasing fluidity in the movement of your joints. Focus on moving smoothly from one pose to the next and never holding your breath. The Earth-Rain breath-body link pulls grounding energy from the earth while showering the mind and body with positive energy flow. Elbows seal as you lift your hands on the inhale. Drop shoulders and release tension on the exhale breath. Keep your weight balanced on both legs and feel grounded in your feet through the link. Advanced: This is an uplifting sequence with movements that are expansive and fluid, allowing for full extension and...

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Practice Guide: Season 1 Episode 6 - Half Moon

Half Moon - Overview Beginner: A challenging practice that will improve your balance and strengthen your feet, ankles and legs while stretching the spine and backs of the legs. Take care when moving from the low point of Lateral Angle to Center. Narrow your stance if you are uncomfortable. During the sun moon breath-body link be mindful of your spinal alignment as you inhale and reach to the sun - tuck your tailbone under and focus on pulling your belly and chest up. On the exhale, contract your belly and use the strength of your arms to bring the calm energy of the moon back to you. Advanced: The Half Moon Sequence is a blissfully sensual practice that will improve...

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Practice Guide: Season 1 Episode 7 - Earth

Earth - Overview Beginner: In this sequence, you will begin to strengthen your arms, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles while stretching the back, hips and legs. Focus on your breath: inhaling fully and really contracting the abdominals on the exhale breath. In this practice, the heart opening breath-body link is done while in hero pose, so focus on keeping your spine and neck long and straight and extending through the arms, hands and fingers fully. On the inhale focus on the expansion in the chest. On the exhale focus on the contraction, your chin tucked in slightly to elongate your spine. Advanced: Advanced yogis will find the Earth sequence a wonderfully balancing and restorative practice. Focus on fully expressing each...

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Practice Guide: Season 1 Episode 8 - Lotus Link

Lotus Link - Overview Beginner: Lotus Link is a beautiful practice for beginners to test the boundaries of their abdominal, arm and shoulder strength and flexibility while discovering where their true center lies. Keep your back straight and maintain proper and comfortable alignment of the head and neck with the spine. The breath body link is Lotus Link. Stretch arms overhead and cross the wrists on the inhale. Arms descend on the exhale and the elbows bend as the wrists and hands begin to open. Keep your shoulders dropping down and body aligned as you move through the link. Advanced: For the advanced yogi, focus on the hand placement and how the slightest adjustments can completely change the expression of...

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