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#NamasteS3 Yoginis Revealed: Meet Aili Storen

As excitement intensifies over the creation of our third season, you may find yourself wondering, "Who are these new Namaste Yoga instructors, anyway?" It is our honour to introduce them to you! In this installment, we catch up with Aili Storen. A native of British Columbia, Aili Storen spent a portion of her childhood living in a tent on the beaches of Hawaii. When her early career endeavors in dance and acting began to cripple her health, Aili turned to yoga. Her love for the practice grew while living and learning from her teacher in Australia. It was here she became ready to share the teachings that had healed her spirit and soul. "This world needs some serious healing," Aili shares. "It...

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Too Much Renewal?

"Retiring is just practicing up to be dead. That doesn't take any practice." ~ Paul Harvey   When thinking of a renewal process. It is easy to connect it with a retiring from life of sorts. The idea can cause a little bit of anxiety. 'What will go unaccomplished while I am sitting around... renewing?' Thoughts of falling behind in work and with our goals can make you never want to take a break! We can be so driven sometimes. Then, you do. You stop, take a breath, break out of the day to day and take in a sunset, or pause to feel the earth beneath your bare feet. A little slice of your very own heaven, isn't it?...

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Celebrate You - Celebrate Yoga!

Did your winter seem like it would never end? As our world begins to thaw, so too does our energy. What often follows is a need to renew the body, mind and spirit! Fresh food, a renewed commitment to Yoga and nature, beauty and renewal!  What is the best way for you to accomplish this? Why not plan an escape... what if you could go to a tropical island where all you needed to do was take care of yourself and maybe do yoga for awhile? That ultimate retreat may not be out of reach! We have partnered withKamalaya Koh Samuito sponsor an amazing prize for the newest photo contest onYoga Poses: a once in a lifetime, all expenses paid,...

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Mini-Renewals: the Pearls that Revive our Lives

Can you afford to drop your life and leave for a week to renew your body, mind and spirit at ayoga retreat? That's a really big leap for some! Life commitments, school, work, children, home ownership... it is SO easy to find reasons why leaving your regular existence for any extended period of time would be a herculean task! If you are relating to these ideas, you might want to consider a week-long getaway achallenge pose: something you aspire to do when you are ready. In the meantime, you can practice for that bigger challenge with some smaller "poses" that can help you feel refreshed and restored with only as much time and distance from your world as you are...

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Making Time for Renewal

Intentions,goals,romance, andopportunity, all can work together for you in this moment to create a time that you have dedicated to one sole purpose:Renewal. We've brought you one possible renewal scenario: anall expenses-paid trip to Thailand. Now, we'd like to show you how to use all of the qualities we have explored over the past three months to help you with your process through this contest. Intentions No question what theintentionis: win the contest! Only two will be awarded this prize, but all of the participants can come away winners, so long as that is the intention. Prepare to receive the reward of a trip for two to Thailand. Along the way, make space and be flexible enough to be able...

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