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Kate Potter On Sun-Moon Sequence

In “Hatha”, “Ha” means “sun” and “tha” means “moon.” Hatha Yoga is one of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga. Its aim is to purify the body and discipline the mind, as well as unlock the practitioner’s latent energy for self-development. For Kate Potter, the Sun-Moon sequence embodies the very definition of Hatha Yoga. “This was one of the very first sequences I made for the show,” Kate says. “The sequence really brings understanding to the way deepening into a pose becomes a way to express light and dark, ying and yang, contract and release.” At this early point in her creative process, Kate had already realized that there would be a strong need for repetition in these sequences, as...

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Sun-Moon Sequence

  As the brilliant energy of the sun rises, it must gently give way to the glowing radiance of the moon. This ebb and flow is the most elemental way of our world, and ourselves. All that we radiate out, we must realign and return to, in order to go forth and be ready to be radiant once more. Such is the feeling in the Sun-Moon practice. “Remembering our perfection, just as we are, and still room for improvement,” Kate says. There is both rejuvenating and calming energy to be found in the Sun-Moon Breath-Body Link. As arms reach up, a feeling of the round, shining vastness of the sun warms the inhaled breath. Upon exhale, the cool, calm energy...

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Kate on Exalted Warrior

Kate Potter mapped out many of the Namaste Yoga sequences while in practice along the wilderness and waterways Northeast of Vancouver. She lives on her boat in the summertime, and would often row away to spend entire afternoons writing. “I figured the sequences out while practicing on the rock bluffs and forest nooks in the beautiful Howe Sound,” Kate says. “Having this project to do, I would take off in my dinghy with a notebook and yoga mat, only returning to the big boat when I had recorded another three sequences.” For Kate, the Exalted Warrior sequence is a celebration of strength. It is her expression of the beauty she experienced all around her in the environment of that natural...

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Exalted Warrior

  “To take on one challenge today, one small challenge, one tiny awakening… What would that be?”   The warrior poses seek to encourage strength and confidence. Exalted Warrior revels in the joy of this discovery. The Exalted Warrior sequence focuses on reaching: reaching up, reaching out. As you extend your reach outward, your senses steady and your body calms. It is in this space that confidence can be found.   In the warm up, you experience Kate’s Heart Opening Breath-Body Link. As you reach out, a feeling of openness fills your heart and mind. In drawing outstretched arms back to center, it’s as if you can gather positive energy and place it directly into your heart.   When first...

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Make the Most of Your Namaste, Every Day!

How do you approach your yoga practice? Do you simply flop down on your mat and ‘whoosh!’ find your state of calm? While a yoga mat does have a similar aesthetic to a magic carpet, you do need to come to the mat with a little fuel of your own to get you where you want to go with your practice. Setting the stage for practice will help you get the most out of your 22 minutes. Preparation for yoga doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The process itself can be relaxing and restorative. You can also use this time to get a few things done to speed you through the rest of your day. Stop for a...

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