Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin

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Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin

Discover how your body is designed to move in this 22-minute practice with elite trainer Adrian Gaskin, building foundational strength through intentional rounds of agility and full body exercises. Suggested equipment: a pair of dumbbells, looped resistance band. It’s go time!

1 Videos
$ 15 USD

Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin Preview

In this class preview, Adrian shows you how to do a powerful Lateral Bound to improve your speed, agility, and athleticism while targeting your larger muscle fibers. Next, move into a Squat interval, designed to increase core stability, build leg strength, stabilize your joints, and improve body composition.

For Your Reference

Program Guide

Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin comes with the full Strength Foundations program guide to assist you in learning the movements and outline what to expect from this class. The downloadable guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modifications, and common mistakes of each exercise. The guide also includes a customized training plan to help you develop a lasting practice by repeating the same movements in sequences that work for you in order to to get comfortable with their structure and rhythm.

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    Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin

    Prepare your body with a series of intentional mobility exercises before jumping into a high intensity movement flow with Adrian. Discover how your body is designed to move with powerful intervals of Agility and full body exercises, building a foundation for strength and endurance across the different planes of your body. Loaded Movement includes the following Agility, Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core work exercises from the Learn component of this program: the Lateral Bound, Squat, Banded Deadbug, and Bent Over Row. 

    • Loaded Movement with Adrian Gaskin

Teacher Profile

Adrian Gaskin

Adrian Gaskin is an avid learner and teacher, striving for both excellence and simplicity in his movement practice. For him, movement is a constant search for improvement and rediscovery of the basics; finding how the body is meant to move. Adrian grew up in New Zealand, climbing trees, biking in his neighborhood, and playing basketball. Driven by a desire to travel, explore, and work with people, he first considered personal training as a way to combine these strengths in a practical and meaningful way. Adrian has pursued countless modalities of training internationally, received numerous accreditations in personal training, and currently teaches as an elite Tier 3+ Coach and Master Instructor with the Equinox Group. He is committed to ongoing education, practicing Animal Flow, Triggerpoint Therapy, Anatomy Trains for Movement Specialists, Kettlebell Athletics One, Progressive Bodyweight Training, and Pre & Post Natal Performance. In learning, practicing, and teaching, Adrian continues to not only seek out new ways to understand the body and its natural design, but to achieve the best way to move from there. Adrian moves to optimize human condition and function, to share his wealth of knowledge with others to improve quality of life, and to snowboard as much as possible. 

The Inspiration

Behind the Creative Process

Bringing Strength Foundations to life was a collaboration between Adrian and the NM team. Adrian welcomed the opportunity to share his knowledge, experience, and expression through this process. Working with supportive, like-minded creatives who shared his passion and energy helped to make this program what it is. Strength Foundations with Adrian Gaskin was created to make strength accessible and safe, and challenge your athleticism with functional movement. This program was made for you, wherever you find yourself, with a lot of sweat, intention, and hard work. We hope you approach it with curiosity, eager to learn and enjoy new ways to move your body in the ways that feel right for you.