Stick It with Rob Couzens

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Stick It with Rob Couzens

Learn the basics of boxing in this full body 22-minute practice with champion boxer Rob Couzens, starting with foundational defensive techniques and strong punches. Suggested equipment: skipping rope, tennis ball. Find your focus and get ready to work.

1 Videos
$ 15 USD

Stick it with Rob Couzens Preview the Movements

In this class preview, Rob shows you how to do a fundamental Jab and Cross combination before moving into a dynamic conditioning drill. Learn Ladder Climbers, a core exercise designed to build strength to power explosive punches and stability in your boxing practice.

For Your Reference

Program Guide

Stick It with Rob Couzens comes with the full Boxing Foundations program guide to assist you in learning the movements and outline what to expect from this class. The downloadable guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modifications, and common mistakes of each exercise. The guide also includes a customized training plan to help you develop a lasting practice by repeating the same movements in sequences that work for you in order to to get comfortable with their structure and rhythm.

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    Stick it with Rob Couzens

    After a boxing Warm Up sequence to get your body in gear, Rob will guide you through a series of core conditioning rounds and jab combinations. Whether this is your first time throwing a punch or you’re rediscovering combat sports, challenge yourself to focus on quality and control with each drill, narrowing in on form during dynamic boxing combinations. This Practice combines conditioning intervals with high intensity combinations to train your full body in boxing foundations. You’ll learn and practice seven movements from Boxing Foundations: the Jab, Jumping Jack, Frog, Mountain Climber, Knee to Elbow, Ladder Climber, and the Jump Squat. 

    • Stick it with Rob Couzens

Teacher Profile

Rob Couzens

Rob is a Vancouver native and competitive boxer with more than 15 years of experience in the ring and over 120 fights under his belt. Since attending his first boxing class at age 12, Rob developed a lifelong love for the sport and has competed at both national and international events. A member of Team Canada, Rob is a four-time Gold Canadian Championship Champion, seven-time Provincial champion, and four-time Golden Gloves Champion among other notable tournaments. Aside from continually progressing in his personal skill and performance, his long term goals focus on coaching the next generation of boxers. He believes everybody can benefit from the discipline of the “sweet science” of boxing that transformed his own life. Rob makes this commitment to community evident through the time he spends supporting local youth and in his work with the Vancouver homeless population. Outside the ring, Rob uses movement to stay creative, find longevity and ease in all aspects of his lifestyle, and enjoy the things he loves: an avid sewing hobby, garage barbering, taking photographs, yoga, skipping, and of course, boxing. 

The Inspiration

Behind the Creative Process

Bringing Boxing Foundations to life was a collaboration between Rob and the NM team. Rob welcomed the opportunity to share his knowledge, experience, and expression through this process. Working with supportive, like-minded creatives who shared his passion and energy helped to make this program what it is. Boxing Foundations with Rob Couzens was created to make boxing accessible and fun, and channel your inner fighter. This program was made for you, wherever you find yourself, with a lot of sweat, hard work, and care. We hope you approach it with curiosity and anticipation to discover the art of boxing, and find enjoyment and confidence in each movement.