The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher

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The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher

Rediscover your inner athlete with personal trainer Keighty Gallagher in this 22-minute practice with dynamic intervals of innovative exercises to engage your full body. Suggested equipment: a pair of dumbbells, slam or medicine ball. Let’s give it a good try!

1 Videos
$ 15 USD

The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher Preview

In this class preview, Keighty shows you how to do the Potato Sack Run, a fast paced Plyometric movement to get your whole body moving and activate your core throughout. Follow along as she moves into a 180° Hop interval to increase your athleticism and build lower body strength.

For Your Reference

Program Guide

The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher comes with a full Strength Foundations program guide to assist you in learning the movements and outline what to expect from this class. The downloadable guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modifications, and common mistakes of each exercise. The guide also includes a customized training plan to help you develop a lasting practice by repeating the same movements in sequences that work for you in order to to get comfortable with their structure and rhythm.

Discover the Movements


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    The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher

    Get warm with a series of intentional mobility movements before jumping into a high intensity practice with Keighty. Explore and challenge your athleticism with Tabata and AMRAP intervals of Plyometric and Compound exercises, developing coordination and conditioning your entire body. The Athlete includes the following compound and plyometric exercises from Strength Foundations with Keighty Gallagher: Fast Hands, the Potato Sack Run, 180° Hops, Squat Thrusters, Rotational Lunges, and the Deadlift Row. Suggested equipment: a pair of dumbbells, slam or medicine ball. 

    • The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher

Teacher Profile

Keighty Gallagher

Keighty Gallagher is an influential mover, teacher, and leader in every community she sets her mind on, driven by her love for making movement happen, however it looks. Her movement journey is diverse, much like her creative expressions: Weight-lifting, HIIT, TRX, metabolic conditioning, track & field. An accomplished hepthathlete, Keighty is a former captain of Canada's Junior National Athletics Team and NCAA Div. 1 track and field athlete. She is the founder and Head Coach of Tight Club Athletics, a community center for everyone: from former athletes looking to get their kicks back to those who’ve never seen themselves as an athlete, and everyone else who’s just looking for room to themselves. The list goes on, but excellence alone isn’t Keighty’s fuel for exercise. For her, movement is about self-expression, about connecting to a grander whole, about creating positive experiences, about moving for yourself in season. Now, she is constantly exploring new programs and teaching diligently across the Vancouver scene with Tight Club Athletics as her home base. Her motto? Move like how you should, stay curious, and be kind. 

The Inspiration

Behind the Creative Process

Bringing Strength Foundations to life was a collaboration between Keighty and the NM team. Keighty welcomed the opportunity to share her knowledge, experience, and expression through this process. Working with supportive, like-minded creatives who shared her passion and energy helped to make this program what it is. Strength Foundations was created to explore and rediscover your everyday athlete. Keighty designed this program for you, wherever you find yourself, with a lot of sweat, hard work, and care. We hope you approach it with curiosity and anticipation, having fun with movement in the way that feels right.