About Us

Who We Are

NM is a movement media company. Through instructional programming and timeless stories, we explore the intersection of creativity and movement. Founded in 2004, we started as a linear broadcast television series called Namaste Yoga that is still airing around the world. In 2019, we launched NM as an evolution from its legacy.

We believe movement should be honoured, cultivated, and woven into the fabric of our days. Our goal is to inspire you to move freely and teach you how. All of our products work together, giving you the tools to integrate movement into your everyday life.

Wherever your body is in this moment is where you should begin.

What We Do

We produce instructional fitness programs that can be accessed wherever you are and practiced in any space. Encompassing thoughtfully produced video, a detailed Guide, and custom Training Plans, NM programs can be viewed on a wide range of devices and the movements they teach are valuable for all skill levels.

We also publish stories about creativity and movement in print and online. The intersection of these two pursuits is endlessly fascinating to us, and every person who moves has a story to tell. Publishing, reading, and sharing these stories keeps us inspired - and inspiration is a crucial part of our movement practice.

Why We Move

For us, movement is self-expression and an integral part of life: it should never be a stressor or chore. From programming to publication, our products help you uncover what movement looks like for your unique life. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from; by showing up to your mat, putting on the running shoes or stepping outside, you are planting the seed of a new pattern. It’s the doing that matters, not how strong or flexible you are before you start.

All our lives are made up of movement, and we believe in moving joyfully and with intention. When we focus on our movements, our skills will naturally grow and evolve.

Don’t focus on the destination.

Just feel free to move.