About Us

Who We Are

Movement is essential for everyone. We believe that healthy lives are expressed in all different shapes, fitness levels, and ages. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from today; fitness should be accessible, inclusive, and never discouraging. We aren’t like other fitness companies; We focus on the feeling, not the numbers. Our vision is to challenge the norms of what fitness culture has looked like for generations. 

We believe in change. We want to educate, challenge, and empower you on your journey. We will teach you new moves from boxing to yoga and share stories along the way. We believe there is space for movement within our everyday lives; whether you're doing an independent workout, moving intentionally within daily tasks, or having fun outside with friends. We are here to get you moving.

We believe in amplifying conversations around healthy living, self-love, fitness, and the longevity that comes from this lifestyle. We want to create a community, a space for connection over inspiring stories and shared experience. A place to find freedom in fitness.

And to help you start moving today, claim a free class by using code TODAY at the checkout. 

What We Do

We produce fitness programs. Our mission is for these programs to help you access the freedom that comes from fitness. While we focus on qualitative workouts rather than quantitative metrics, our programs are designed with great intention and expertise to educate and train you as if you were working 1-1 with a personal trainer. 

Our programs will help you start a new regimen, or pick up from where you left off. We work to transform your relationship with fitness. Let go of your preconceptions of what fitness should be and experience the benefits and joy of movement. We’ve removed the barriers that make high-quality online fitness programs inaccessible or complicated. You just have to show up, hit play, and let your body move.

Why We Move

We are curious about different forms of movement and are willing to put ourselves out there to give it all a try. You can find us stretching at home while the coffee brews, attending a salsa dance class, learning to skateboard, doing handstands in the park, trying weights at the gym, walking around the city, hiking the mountains, and playing tag with kids. We help our community see their lives through the lens of movement and find freedom in fitness.

Movement is an everyday necessity, a language to communicate, a way to know yourself intimately, and a source of play and joy with yourself and others. It’s a way to heal, to clear your mind, and bring out emotions from moving your body. This language, these emotions, and the joy and freedom that we all feel through movement is a common thread that is woven through the stories we tell.

Feel Free To Move.