Stories by NM

There are stories of movement all around us. Stories that have the power to move us and connect us. Stories that challenge what we think we’re capable of, pushing us to new limits. Stories that make us recognize the little ways in which we are already moving through our lives.

These are some of the stories that are inspiring us right now.  


Experimental film moves the borders of what film can be.  It challenges our own narratives, the stories we tell ourselves.  Where do we restrict ourselves or push ourselves into categories because we are afraid to make our own?


Documentaries allow us to experience the world beyond our own personal borders.  We see ourselves in the stories of others and realize our lives can be moved in ways that enrich us.


The moment we were introduced to F-O-R-M, we knew we had to share what they were doing. Having the opportunity to highlight these incredibly talented filmmakers, performers, and creators is a dream. The way in which they approach movement on film is truly unique and their goal of creating a space and platform to celebrate and acknowledge the artists who are creating in this realm is inspiring and perfectly aligned with our vision.

Festival Of Recorded Movement (F-O-R-M) was founded in 2015 by emerging dance artist Sophia Wolfe with the support of Company 605 and Kristina Lemieux. The Vancouver-based festival was created as a platform for movers and filmmakers to share and create short films that revolve around the body in motion. Featured below are some past F-O-R-M festival programming.

our vision


NM produces instructional fitness programs and timeless stories that highlight the intersection of creativity and movement. Our vision is to connect audiences to a new experience of fitness. To learn more about NM, visit About Us.

Creativity Requires Movement

Creativity and movement are practices of growth. To be creative is to move forward. Inherent to these practices are stories; what is story but a narrative of motion from one place to the next?

In Movement by NM, our upcoming print magazine, we feature passionate creatives of all types; a music video director talks about the speeds and rhythms that not only make up a day on set, but act as a creative tool within the finished product. ‘Artist’ may not be the first term to come to mind when describing a professional football player, but in The Athlete & The Artist, we learn how Dom Termansen embodies the surprising similarities of both personas.

While the stories featured are diverse, what they have in common is a unique approach to movement, and a harnessing of its power for growth and self-expression. The expansive breadth of these stories resonated with our own love of artful movement. We hope you find inspiration in them, too.