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  • What we look for in our teachers hasn’t changed in over a decade: authentic, passionate, and open-minded professionals who believe in the transformational power of movement and desire to share their offering with a wider audience. Our teachers are creative, inspiring, and bring a unique approach to their discipline of movement. We are deeply committed to working with our teachers to develop programs that are true to their personality and vision while fulfilling the signature NM format. At this time, program pitches are received by invitation only.

  • You will feel something special when you walk into the NM office, and it has everything to do with the gymnastics rings. Just kidding, it’s the people. We are a diverse group motivated by creativity and passion. Each member is empowered and equipped to use their unique gifts to advance the brand’s purpose of inspiring and teaching movement. When someone joins the NM team, even if only as a part-time worker or freelancer, they are treated with the utmost respect, invested in, and encouraged to stay inspired, curious, playful and deeply connected to what they love. Read our bios and you will find a wide range of personality, passion and skill. If you think you would be a good fit here, please get in touch.

    • Amanda June Giannakos

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    • Slava Goloubov

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    • Cam Lee

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    • Kate Potter

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    • Dom Termansen

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    • Erica Blitz

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    • Amanda June Giannakos

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    • Gabriela Schonbach

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    • Joy Quillinan

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    • Brenden Mersey

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    • Chantal MacCuaig

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    • Kin Lo

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    • Emma Lindsay

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