5 Class Pass

The 5 Class Pass gives you access to five essential fitness classes. Sweat it out to any one of the impactful 22-minute workouts, moving in whatever way you need to that day.
$ 25 USD

We are here to get you moving

With the 5 Class Pass, you will get five essential 22-minute classes designed to be accessible for everyone. You'll find new ways to move, push yourself to go further, and feel accomplished by the end of each class. Here's what you get:

Stick It | Get your heart rate up and learn the basics of boxing in this full-body workout with champion boxer Rob Couzens.

The Athlete | Challenge your athleticism in intervals of dynamic and innovative exercises led by personal trainer Keighty Gallagher.

A Killer Stance | Move boldly and learn the basics of kickboxing with world champion Farinaz Lari.

Loaded Movement | Build foundational strength and agility with elite trainer Adrian Gaskin.

Season Opener | Sweat it out, increase your endurance, and build strength through dynamic exercises led by professional athlete Dom Termansen.

What People Are Saying

“It was so easy to fit the workout into a day. I consider myself relatively fit, but I was totally breathless by the end of it. It was a surprisingly intense workout jammed into only 22 minutes.” – Candice V

The Classes

Explore five disciplines of movement in classes led by elite teachers. Minimal to no equipment is required; all you need is space for a mat (if you want one) and the willingness to start from where you are and keep coming back daily.

What People Are Saying

“What I really like about the NM classes vs other online workout videos is that they are very professionally done. I also like the voiceover better than the instructors just leading on the spot. It’s more precise and professional –– which is unique to these videos.” – Leanne J