An Exploration of Life in Movement

Movement by NM - Issue 01

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Movement by NM is an independent print magazine that explores the intersection of art, fitness, and everyday life, inspiring readers to live in movement.

An Exploration of Life in Movement.

Movement by NM

In Issue 01, we learn that great hospitality requires constant movement, and that age is never an excuse to stop moving. We hear from a humble action hero, and talk to powerful female artists and collaborators. We feature a secluded beach town and hear from an analog skateboard photographer. We adventure to Los Angeles with nothing but a dream and hit the open road in a van.

Our Cover Story

The Athlete and The Artist

Although the mediums of art and sport may appear different, the two pursuits have much in common. Athletes and artists share a tremendous dedication to their craft, often requiring significant personal sacrifices, and a lifestyle that doesn’t fit conventional standards. They work incredibly long hours, attempting to perfect the toss of a ball or the stroke of a paintbrush by endless repetition, and they often seem driven by a higher purpose.

Words from Executive Editor, Amanda June Giannakos

“I want my life to be healthy, creative, and full of love. And I believe that physical movement is an essential part of this. Creativity demands movement. When we create, we are moving away from the way things are now, towards a vision of what we believe is possible.”

About the magazine

Movement by NM magazine is 160 pages of ad-free editorial content featuring sections: Arts, Work, Sports, Adventure, and Living. Proudly printed in Canada at Hemlock Printers using the ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program to render this project 100% carbon neutral.

Dimensions: 9 x 11.6 inches
Features: 160 pages, offset printed, perfect bound, ad-free
Language: English

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Executive Editor / Creative Director

Amanda June Giannakos

Managing Editor / Art Director 

Joy Quillinan

Deputy Editor / Art Director

Chantal MacCuaig

Consulting Editor

Gabriela Schonbach

Consulting Art Director

Dennis Gocer

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Emma Lindsay

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Jana Nixon

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Bridget Hill

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Guilana Bertuzzi

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Cathy Schoch


Brendan Smith

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Alana Paterson

Amanda June Giannakos

Bryanna Bradley

Christopher Giannakos

Daniel Schrempf

George Giannakos

Ja Tecson

Jeremy Jude Lee

Jonathan Bell-Etkin

Joy Quillinan

Julia Kidder

Lindsey Blane


Rosanna Peng

Richard Giordano

Rosanna Peng

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Tom Hsu

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Amanda June Giannakos

Andres Joseph

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Bryanna Bradley

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