Namaste Yoga Series 2

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Series 1 and 2 of our Namaste Yoga Legacy Collection emphasize dynamic yet gentle movement sequences that unite Kate Potter’s background in dance choreography with authentic yoga poses. The focus is on inspiring you to return to the mat day after day to renew your body and mind and build strength and grace to take with you into your daily life.

These 26 classes will leave you feeling challenged, energized and centered, all while increasing flexibility and grace in your movements.

Series 1 and 2 consist of 26 x 22 minute classes originally created for television. Each class consists of a warm up, main sequence, and cool down. You can follow the classes in order as they increase in difficulty, or jump around to find your favourites. They can be practiced in any sequence and combination. For days when we have more time, we like to combine several main sequences together to create our own extended practice.